Painted Murals

  • The Professional Building in Sheridan, WY
  • Millers Creek School In Wilkesboro, NC
  • Piney Brown Jazz and Blues Club Livingston, MT
  • Brown Pelican Gallery in Puinta Gorda, FL
  • Twin Bar in Gardiner, MT
  • Elved School, Buckley, North Wales, Great Britain

Various Private Residences

At various times I have engaged in freelance graphic arts such as posters (30 year commemorative Montana Shakespeare In The Parks, 2002 and the Mose Allison Concert, 1982), brochures, logos, advertisements, book and magazine illustrations, sign painting, T-shirt graphics and a stint as Director and Curator of the Danforth Art Center, Livingston, MT, 1981-1985. I am a past resident artist of the Murray Hotel, Livingston, MT, where I still maintain a satellite gallery.