What they say about Parks

"Parks Reece is an artist who is continually growing and improving. He is fanciful, authentic, and his work is dynamic without the slightest trace of trendiness. He researches his subjects personally and thoroughly and his paintings reflect his own flamboyant lifestyle and intense interest in life. Parks pokes gentle fun at not only an often silly world in general but himself as well. Reece is pure and uncontaminated, he is sincere as still a child, although not childish. His expression is a mixture of a type of contemporary surrealism and whimsical folk art, delightfully mystical and original."
Floyd T. DeWitt, winner of the National Sculptor Society’s Gold Medal award

"There’s definitely something gloriously wrong with artist Parks Reece. I mean, just look at his work. Here’s training and talent shackled to an altogether peculiar perception of our natural world. The result is a bizarre amalgam of Charley Russell’s subject matter and Salvador Dali’s pragmatism. Livingston residents feel it is good that Parks Reece should create such work. He enriches us; he amuses us; he walks among us every day and doesn’t cause much trouble at all"
Tim Cahill, author and contributing editor Outside, Rolling Stone, and Esquire magazines

"Parks Reece has diligently devoted himself to a life in art, one which casts a most unique shadow. Using imagery straight from nature, he has pulled, twisted and otherwise juggled it into shapes of thoughtful commentary, irony, droll humor, and sometimes outright belly laughs. And while doing so, he employs good drawing and beautiful color. Right after Parks was made, they broke the mold."
Russell Chatham, artist, author, publisher, and restauranteur

"Parks Reece is a painter with poetic wit who we can never have enough of. He is a sure-footed nonconformist whose individuality of thought is as unmistakable as a fingerprint."
Peter Fonda, actor and director

"To say that Parks Reece is a wildlife artist is to say that Georges Seurat painted picnics. Parks combines high art and low jinx to give us a new vision of the American West."
Steve Chapple, author, contributing editor Sports Afield, producer/director/host Under The Big Sky

"Parks Reece is a truly extraordinary artist whose work I have been following for more than twenty years"
Jim Harrison, author and screenwriter

"The current work of Parks Reece is as bright as a sunny morning after a week of rain. His detailed paintings have all the technical facility and design savvy of a trained and serious artist. What makes them special is the wit. Not since the work of the great English illustrators – Hogarth, Cruikshank, Thomas Rowlandsan – can I remember seeing such a happy combination of artistic ability and humor. Without resorting to caricature, Parks has created a body of work, not only lovely to look at, but also profoundly funny. Until seeing these new paintings, I believed it was only the great cartoonists of the twentieth century who were keeping alive this treasured, irreverent tradition. In the hands of Parks Reece, fine art becomes fun once again, and God bless him for that."
William Hjortsberg, novelist and screenwriter

"…Reece has become something of a legend, and his paintings are collectors items."
Todd Wilkinson, Wildlife Art News