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Balancing Fin and Yang


Friday, June 22, 2007


Livingston artist Parks Reece recently took up the challenge of recreating his work on large iron plates.

Sparked by the desire and necessity to enclose his second-story balcony, Reece joined with blacksmith artists Terry Haumer, Marla Hartman and their company Fireworks Forge of Bozeman to recreate several of his works in iron.

Working collectively, the three artists laid out the ground-work designs for four iron panels.  With a soapstone, Reece drew on the raw metal pieces.  When the drawings were complete, Haumer hand-cut each piece using a plasma arc, bringing the drawings to life in positive and negative images.  Each piece was then sanded and a patina was applied to each of the panels by Hartman which creates a multi-hued rust.

Together this team created four different panels.

The Sow Jumped Over the Moon Bench

Reece liked this medium of Art so much, he decided that before they became his balcony, they should be on display in his gallery.  The pieces will be available in limited editions and can be created for various uses such as garden gates wall art, indoor and outdoor freestanding art or incorporated into fences.

Reece has been producing artistic and irreverent works around Montana for the past 26 years.  His work hangs all around the world in such diverse places as Whoopie Goldberg’s house to the Governor’s office at the Montana State Capital.

Originally from Colorado, award-winning metal artists Haumer and Hartman have been in

The Bare Hunter

business for 16 years.  Their partnership integrates all stages of metal work from hand-forged to hand-cut picture work.  Located on Jack Rabbit Lane in Bozeman, Fireworks Forge work is incorporated in private homes in the Big Sky area as well as the soon to be finished addition to John Bozeman’s Bistro.

Currently on exhibit at the gallery are the new incarnations of “The Bare Hunter,” “The Sow Jumped Over the Moon,” “Balancing Fin and Yang” and “How the West Was Fished.”

How The West Was Fished

A reception for the show will be held during the Livingston Gallery Association’s first 2007 Art Walk on June 22 from 5:30 – 8:30 PM.